Rubber Expansion Joints

Expansion joint is comprised of one or more metal bellows (most commonly stainless steel) or from materials such as rubber, fabric or plastic such as PTFE. While materials such as rubber, plastic and fabric have their limitations, metal is the most versatile of all materials. Metals are suitable for use at high temperatures, have high strength properties and are resistant to corrosion.

Expansion joints are considered as very important components of a complete pipe system and are widely used particularly in industries where thermal expansion in pipe systems occur. Expansion joints also offer the advantage of reducing stresses in pipe systems generated by thermal expansion, and reduce pipe loads at connections to sensitive equipment such as pumps and steam turbines. Taken together this acts to prolong the service life of pipe systems, and reduces the risk of their downtime for additional maintenance and repair.

In order to offer a complete product range for our customers, we also design and supply rubber expansion joints. This ensures that our customers derive the same benefits from our rubber expansion joints as from our steel expansion joints.

Expansion joints are important components in many industries and are used extensively in among others:

  • Energy sector (power plants, nuclear power plants, district heating pipe systems etc.)
  • Steel plants
  • Petrochemical industry (oil refineries, pumping stations, oil rigs etc.)
  • Chemical industries (asphalt manufacturers etc.)
  • Process industry (sugar factories etc.)
  • Exhaust systems and engines
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • LNG/LPG tankers, -carriers etc.

Expansion joints are custom-made to suit any particular application and are available as single- or multi-layer expansion joints.