PTFE Molded Washers

PTFE washers are flat discs with a centrally located hole. They have superior antifriction properties, as well as excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. These washers are ideal for low-temperature applications.

Washers can do way more than secure bolts, nuts, screws, and rivets. They can also insulate, seal, lock, serve as spacers, provide spring force, align parts, distribute loads, and even improve aesthetics. There are six primary types of washers: flat, shoulder, tab, lock, countersunk, and spring.

A large number of washers are of the flat variety. Flat washers are thin and flat, and have a centrally located hole. Their internal and external shapes can vary depending on the specific application; round,  square, hexagonal, and rectangular flat washers are all available. They may also be nonsymmetrical.

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