Metal Bonded

Rubber Metal Bonding Gaskets

We provide our customers with rubber to metal bonding and a range of rubber overmolding applications, including rubber NVH components (noise, vibration, harshness), rubber vibration isolators, rubber mounts, and many other applications. Our rubber bonding process mouldes rubber materials while chemically attaching them to a variety of substrates including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, phenolic, Hylum etc.

Benefits and Properties of Rubber to Metal Bonding Assemblies:

Integrated Assemblies - by bonding the rubber material directly to the substrate material the number of components is reduced for our customer simplifying their supply chain and downstream assembly processes.

Durable Bonds - Our rubber to metal bonding processes are engineered at the polymer and substrate level to create robust adhesion, in many cases the bond between the substrate and the elastomer is stronger than the physical properties of the elastomer.

Unique Possibilities in Design - by bonding or over molding the rubber to the substrate, unique product designs are possible that would be difficult or impractical to otherwise replicate. In many cases, these unique designs can support new technologies or streamline designs for our customers.